Moddathir Aboul Wafa invites us to rediscover Egyptian music and enjoy it.
Recorded exclusively with acoustic instruments by some of the most brilliant Egyptian musicians, this disc presents a large variety of styles; classical oriental compositions, traditional music, and marvellous improvisations, included the last theme which fusions with the Latin samba rhythms.

Sin País - Ali Khattab

Sin País

Ali Khattab has invented his own style, giving his group of Egyptian musicians the space to breathe and to move naturally. A perfumed alchemy emanates from this magical distillation, which is entirely hand-made.

From Far Away - Mohammed Sami

From Far Away

The music of this album an attempt to take apart an Egyptian musical image using contemporary technique: loop. This is done by relying on the violin and trying to discover new potentials of this instrument, in terms of melody, harmony and rhythm.