NESMA Enta Omri

Enta Omri

In this new creation, Nesma expresses all the passion which she feels for Arabic music and the classic songs of Umm Kulthum. In this performance Nesma tells the artistic journey and life of the singer.

Nesma Japan Tour February 2019

Nesma will be in Japan in February for the second phase of the Muwashahat project Japan. Nesma will teach the choreographies and pass the auditions to perform in the Dance. The project is organized by Al-Andalus Japan Company codirected by Ema Yokozaki & Salima Orientaldance.

Nesma Al-Andalus

Nesma by Ingrid Selkis

… As a teacher I feel that she is really the only one I have had in the full sense of the word. It goes far beyond technique and form. She pushes you to look for yourself, without fear, transmitting the purest essence, (…) with an incredible generosity and always with humility and respect.